the brand for synergetic raw cosmetics

securing the skin’s future

ROSE BOTANICS® EAT+TREAT HOLISTIC BEAUTY offers a synergetic skincare system that was created in 2016 by the holistic cosmetics expert rose kordioli.

ROSE BOTANICS® takes aim in producing products based on bioavailability in order to produce synergetic raw cosmetics that supply skin and body with natural vital substances and generate biological energy.

ROSE BOTANICS® achieves innovative ideas and connects inside and out – for a holistic, healthy, bioactive, effective and energy-rich skin care.

the luxurious raw cosmetic brand has been in intense development for four years passionately and professionally. ROSE BOTANICS® targets to create an meaningful and sophisticated product line that reaches people who prefer a sustainable lifestyle and enjoy aesthetic aspirations.

in alignment with your beauty

our award winning brand logo conceptually unfolds the original structure of nature’s sacred geometry in its formal mathematical concatenation and illustrates the holistic aspiration of the brand.

ROSE BOTANICS® presents the brand design concept with a sound variation of the COSMANTRA® rituals for its brand image video. COSMANTRA® is an innovative cosmetic sound therapy by ROSE BOTANICS®, developed as a holistic addition to the ROSE BOTANICS® skincare system. Learn more about the application of our COSMANTRA® on